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I am David P. Billington, Jr. and I appreciate the trouble you took to find me. Please scroll down for my table of contents.

Last update: October 7, 2021

My autobiography

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I have finished From Insight to Innovation, a sequel to the book on American engineering that my father and I co-authored in 2006, Power Speed and Form. For information about my late father, please visit here. The new volume completes a trilogy of books on the history of American engineering innovation that began with my father's 1996 book, The Innovators.

A volume of essays written in his honor by some of my father's former students is available as a PDF download (52 MB) here. The contributors belong to a group, the International Network for Structural Art, that is dedicated to improving the quality of the built environment through civil engineering that is efficient, economical, and elegant. Members are engaged in engineering practice, teaching, and scholarship around the world.

Thoughts on America and the World

Reflections on Public Life at Home
Reflections on America and the World

Reflections on Larger Things

Some Possibilities for the Future
Outline of World History


U.S. Territory of Navassa Island (West Indies)

Professional and Contact Information

My resume is here
My email address is: DavidPB4 [at] aol.com

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